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22/12/2017  •  Red squirrel

Red squirrel

We have put squirrel feeders outside all the cabins, and they get through sacks of peanuts. They don't seem too upset by humans nearby - more offended than frightened - although they will scoot up the tree if you hang around too close.

22/12/2017  •  Pine Martens

Pine Martens

A bit less cuddly than the squirrels, and a lot shyer. They will come out at night when possible, but in the summer, when it is light for so long they will come out at any time. Martens are omnivorous, and would be just as happy eating a squirrel as they are raiding the peanut feeders. They have been known to come on to the porch of the cabins and help themselves out of the storage tubs!

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21/12/2017  •  Learning curve

Well, one day we just had to take the plunge and make the new website live. There seems to be a lot to learn, so if any of you have a problem with any aspect of it please get in touch - it won't get fixed unless someone tells us!

21/12/2017  •  Winter

It's gone mild again for Christmas, but we did have a bit of snow last week. In fact, the little snow-blower I bought 4 years ago to clear the road to the cabins was used for the first time! Winters aren't what they used to be.

25/04/2017  •  New Website

New Website

Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy browsing the pages and finding out more about our self catering accommodation. We also have a Facebook page.

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